“Anyone can make a choice knowing the result. It’s easy to say, ‘You should have done this’ But you cannot know the result before making the choice, so as best you can choose what you will regret the least, and a live a life you’re proud of”

– Hajime Isayama –

Cameron Hurd

I am a Joint Animation and Illustrator with a strong love for these subjects and film making. Over the last 3 years my skills as both an Animator and Illustrator has developed to a professional level, that I wish to take forward into the industry. Seeing the characters and stories I have created come to life has been such a rewarding and satisfying experience.

I specialise in character design, concept art and storytelling. I love creating worlds and inhabiting them with characters with interesting visual designs and personalities. I predominantly use digital mediums as it enables me to create  the best work in the style I want. I can spend more time on creating the characters and evoking emotion than spending time starting over or correcting petty mistakes. However, this doesn’t mean I can’t utilise the traditional medium to its full potential, as it was the building blocks in getting my art to where it is today.

My experience at University has given me the opportunity to create Art at a level I didn’t think  I was capable of doing 3 years ago. I am better  than ever at drawing the human form can create 3D models in Maya from scratch and have written and animated my own short film. I look forward to where life will take me post university.