“Be the chaos you want to see in the world”

– Mollymauk Tealeaf – (Critical Role)

Kristina Krchmanova

I’m an aspiring 3D artist with interest in environment art, and character art. I’m always excited to try out new things and broaden my horizons. My time at university gave me the opportunity to experiment with different techniques, explore a wide range  of my interests, and find the path I want  to pursue.

I’m passionate about bringing creative ideas to life and love seeing them grow and develop from a concept to something I can share with others.
I strive to create unique concepts supported by research to achieve believable results no matter how far-fetched the idea is. With my previous interests and knowledge, I try to come up with innovative solutions and incorporate a level of realism and logic in all my work. I am fascinated by nature and how it interacts with man-made structures, and frequently take inspiration for my work from the real world.

I am highly ambitious and see every project as a chance to take on challenges and gain new experience.