“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares, as opposed to ugly things. That’s my intent”

– Saul Bass –

Charlie Cockayne

Throughout my three years studying Creative Digital Media, I have experienced a variety of different industries from Photography to Motion Graphics. However, I have found my clear passion for graphic design. The experience and skills I have learnt, have allowed me to gain the confidence to name myself as a Graphic Designer and launch my own freelance business with no help in the making of my website and branding etc. This is definitely one of my biggest achievements in design. I have also worked with a variety of clients from around  the world on projects ranging from branding  to clothing launches.

I specialise in branding and print design with a very clear style throughout my work. I work best with typography and soft colours to create modern and elegant designs. My current major project is based around event stationary for weddings, baby showers and engagements which I hope to launch into an online business. Event stationary is a definite area which I feel enhances my style and overall passion within design.