“It’s through mistakes that you actually grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.”

Usher Mpofu

I am currently studying Creative Digital Media. Prior to University, I have always been involved in camera work including filming shorts, music videos and promotion videos.

To my knowledge, there is confusion between videographers and photographers for some people. Although we all work with the camera, it does not mean that our skills are the same. We are similar yet we differ in many ways. I wish to take my videography and directing skills to a higher level and work amongst other well known directors within the industry. I would like to do shoots which involve budgets, being able to put together a video just how it’s planned with the right equipment and locations to use.

High level industry videos with not only music videos but also short films and promotional videos.  I enjoy filming but most importantly, editing is one the best things that has my heart because in-post editing is where your creativity can exceed to the next level. I wish to reach this after I finish University where I can put all my effort and energy into filming and hope to achieve my goals in creating excellent visuals.