“Do or Do not. There is no try”.

– Yoda, Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Nicola Esson is a Plymouth based Artist, her  work primarily focuses on the relationship between the human form and landscapes this is created using the medium of acrylic paint onto wooden boards and canvas’ ranging in size. The artwork looks at the identity a human form creates just from the structure and physic and these are composed into a design to represent and link towards a landscape. With the most recent artworks directing towards how absence within the paintings evoke identity but rather between ideas of the body vs the bodily. Where wooden boards of similar size were painted in one continuous painting creating a horizonal landscape. This stemmed from the documentation/ photographing of the human form and identifying the contours, dips, and lines within the form that can be seen in certain landscapes. Being influenced fully by societies and the audience/ viewers of the artworks and of genders, bodily characteristics and how these paintings have a powerful presence when displayed due to the strong idea’s it possesses.