“I see EU baby, shakin’ that ass”.

– Groove Armada ft. Theresa May, date unknown

Rosie’s work is interdisciplinary, including text, digital images and sign-making, situated between public art and institutional critique. The context of the work often uses site specific tools to communicate with a public audience. Whilst often exposing subtle political happenings, feelings and discomforts.  

The use of satire, humour and fake truths, with works having double, triple of more meanings, random encounters take place between the audience and visual pieces- adding or detracting context from the situation where it is displayed. Examples of sites range from warehouses (Project LUX, 2018), fencing (Nothing compares to EU, 2018) to more traditional white walled gallery spaces (The Forum Norwich, 2018) with these exhibitions running alongside Piercy’s study as an undergraduate student.