“Fail better”.

– Unknown

Through doing custom trainers alongside my degree Sophie Oliver has been shown an insight into the characteristics of the methods of self-presentation and confidence. Through this Oliver has wanted to present vulnerability through abstract forms, and demonstrate the different ways in which people will present themselves as methods of protecting oneself and their emotions. The abstract work aims to portray the various ways in which people may try to conceal their insecurities, such as: defensiveness, overcompensation, shielding, distraction. Her aim is to make work that is deceptive in its nature, that the image being put forth by individuals can be transformed when weaknesses are perceived. This is explored through uses of materials that incorporates the man made and industrial items, with more natural and organic features that are reminiscent of the fragility of human nature. The materials also aim to illustrate the volatile nature of self-presentation, for example: by giving the sculptures superficial support with weak string. The materials used vary from piece to piece, but it always aims to contrast with the more artificial industrial and factory-made materials such as different textures of plastic. It is intended that the artificial, man-made materials are undermined by real human imperfection and  authenticity reflecting out of the work.