Zoe is a practicing artist in the West Midlands, her hometown of Manchester provided a rich city of culture and artistic influence during her upbringing through both its selection of art galleries and expansive street art.
Using her artist tag ‘Something Like Art Maybe’, Zoe has spent her time at university developing her practice through interests in propaganda, illusion and consumerism. Her works explore mass production from both extremes, creating both laboriously hand-sewn pieces, and printing digitally drawn sticker designs to distribute wherever she visits. The embroideries have developed into the large scale of A1, with the stickers remaining on a small scale, the largest of which being 3 inches. Through this, the artist creates two very different viewing experiences, from the chance encounters of viewing the stickers, to the deliberate displays of the embroidery pieces.
Zoe’s specialism uses embroidery as an art form allowing the pieces to transform photography into a different viewing experience through textiles, directly disrupting the representation of the world and presenting alternate views of the scenes photographed.
Displaying the process of creating embroidered artwork has become an important aspect, along with the finished intentional creation, therefore the works are displayed in a way that allows a viewer to walk around the pieces, creating a structural display from a photograph.