“One does not simply use Maya Autodesk”

– Sean Bean –

Joe Harrison

During my time at the University of Worcester on the Game Art Course I have learnt to hone my previous 3D and 2D Digital art skills, to create professional work, with industry standard methods and software.

My specialism within the Games field is ‘Level Artist’. This is a role that involves the creation of environment assets through modelling & sculpting, as well as, assembling the environment in a games engine to achieve a visually pleasing world for the player to immerse themselves in. I have also dabbled with elements of Technical Art, such as VFX, Animation, scripting and shader/ material creation.

My greatest accomplishment from university is the latest playable environment I have created, ‘Nomad Crater’. For this I was able to demonstrate my full range of skills in a final product package, where the player can explore a gritty, cluttered city environment through a third person RPG player perspective.

My time at University has given me the core components and tools to push my skills to possibly one day achieve my life long goal to work within the Games industry, creating worlds that people are immersed in and feel a part of.