“Waka Waka Waka Waka Waka”

– Pac-Man

Billy Carthew

I have had a great experience with the university of Worcester and my game art course. I have had the chance to learn and create a lot of useful pieces of work that I can use in my future career thanks to this course.

My art methods are very stylised. I enjoy using this method as it allows for more unique and interesting artwork and I feel it helps my work stand out. I have chosen to specialise in character art. The reason for this is because I enjoy creating fun and interesting characters that could be used within a game. It’s for this reason I have

focused my skills and time on learning more and improving my work to better illustrate this.
I have created a character for my final project, and I feel this shows my abilities and interests in this field and it is because of this course I have been able to achieve this.

My greatest accomplishment in this course has to be learning all of the software that goes into creating games such as Zbrush. This has allowed me to create fun and interesting projects and I hope to be able to use more of them in future.