“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”

– Boss Ross

Dani Haynes

My time at university has been a great adventure. It has been very challenging,
while equally rewarding. I have learnt a broad range of skills that allow me to pursue my passion in Game Art. Seeing my project come to life after all of the hard work and persistence is truly rewarding.

Art and gaming have always been a deep passion of mine. This course has taught me how I can bring my two passions together, to create high quality concepts and 3D models, with a variety of industry standard software such as: Photoshop, Maya, Zbrush and the Unity game engine, as well as the development pipelines used within the game industry.

My style is a mix of stylised and realistic, I have experimented with both art styles over the last three years. I love creating stylised art pieces due to the creative freedom it allows. However, I also do enjoy replicating reality in a creative way with a realistic style.

After these three years of University, and experimenting in a broad range of specialities within the Game Art genre, I have concluded that my main passion lies within 3D environments. As I love creating the world in which a characters story takes place, whilst amplifying and embellishing the story through the environment.