“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”

– Twyla Tharp –


Heather Savage

Throughout my time at University, I have found that my wants and goals have changed since the day I started. With the opportunities awarded to me, I have been able to learn a variety of mediums that have pushed me to the realm of 3D modelling, and the want to create immersive environments from the ground up. Through the various modules I have improved my skills and can create things that I never thought possible, and have developed a key skillset in 3D Modelling, Digital Sculpting and Physically Based Rendered Materials, to name a few! I believe these will aid me in my goals to become an Environment Artist in the future.

I have enjoyed the creative journey that I have been on, as it has been eye-opening and introduced me to a world of Game Art Design, that I believed was far beyond my reach. I now feel more confident in my artistic abilities and have a more in-depth knowledge of how to become a part of the Games Industry