“We are all here on earth to help others; what the others are here for I don’t know”

– W. H. Auden –

Kieran Williams Timms

My University experience has been a blast. I have learnt a lot in my time here and made good friends in the process. The lecturers have been accommodating and their lectures have been the most enjoyable bit of learning in my life. As for my style, this course has shown me that what I really want to do is to create concept artwork for characters and other creatures. The best skill I have developed is my ability to create character concepts and the stories around them. As well as that, I have also found that I like the modelling, especially Zbrush. From this course, I have also found I really enjoy doing my work on a digital medium as opposed to what I did previously where I hand drew everything on paper.

Now that I have developed my abilities with digital art, my work is better than ever and I have a great foundation to keep furthering my skills as I move towards my goal of being a concept artist.

My favourite accomplishment has to be the connections I made here, amongst professionals, my lecturers and my peers.