Mari Bergdkȧs Lona

My experience at the University of Worcester has been a good one. I followed the things I enjoy, being creative, instead of finding a “stable” course that would give me no joy. Both students and staff at Game Art are friendly and helpful. You have a lot of freedom to pursue the path you wish to take and there is help along the way to ensure you get there.

The field I enjoy most is character designing and 3D sculpting. Two very specialised fields I feel comfortable with while I’m working towards gaining more experience in other fields. My style is still changing and developing, but I like to work with a stylized style and feel most confident using a graphics tablet or a portable tablet.
If I had to pick one thing I’m most happy about during my time at Worcester, I’d say my first 3D sculpt in ZBrush as it turned out better than expected and felt very accomplished once I was done with the assignment.

Being an international student, made the experience at a university even more special and I get to say I studied in a foreign country and that is an experience I will remember and cherish forever.