“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”


Megan Britnell

My experience at university has opened my eyes to all the possibilities there are for having a promising career in the gaming industry, and has helped me find new passion for different ways to create art.

Being a part of the Game Art course has given me the opportunity to try every aspect of art behind the making of games. This chance to try out different software and techniques has helped me figure out my skills and what I enjoyed creating, so found my love for digitally painting concept artwork for environments and 3D modelling clothing.

My style is very fine art influenced. I enjoy creating work that is made up of soft blended colours, different art techniques and designing places that are surreal and for the imagination. Being able to happily work in Photoshop and produce artwork is my biggest accomplishment of university, as I had never painted digitally until I started the course and struggled considerably at the start. Now my aim is to become a concept artist in the gaming industry and be a part of future games.