“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”

– Picasso


William Hatch

University has given me the opportunity to develop my passion for creativity and has focused the direction I wish to pursue for a career. Throughout the course, I have been exploring the diverse areas in game art that have led me to specialize in Character design. I consider my artwork leaning towards photorealism. Achieving a design that could be seen in nature appeals to me most and allows me to explore areas of game design which may not have been developed previously. My main ambition is to one day work as a Lead Character Artist.

During my time here, I have also discovered the world of 3D sculpting that has changed my creative game skills, opening up new opportunities for me to explore. Learning Zbrush and Substance Painter has challenged me to create better portfolio work whilst remaining close to the fundamentals of the art itself. I found myself often challenged by the social aspects of this professional medium. My confidence to share ideas and interact with colleagues and professionals alike has also improved my networking skills. I feel far more confident in pursuing this field now, and that’s why it has been my best accomplishment.