“When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world.”

– George Washington Carver


William Stewart

University has been a unique experience for me; my fellow students whom I spent the last 3 years along side and the lecturers who guided me through the journey of self-discovery that has been my higher education, have helped me explore my true passions in life.

Knowledge, Experience, Practice – all pale in comparison to the independence that a good University experience can give you, of which the University of Worcester has provided me.

Throughout my time here I have tried many creative avenues and thankfully, with the help and guidance of others and the opportunities and facilities provided to me I have been able to experiment wildly with all the possibilities open to me as a creative person, and although I may not continue my path down the route of Game Design in the future I will never forget the lessons I have been taught about key skills required in any creative venture.

My favourite accomplishment thus far has been my step into the direction of a freelance photographer and filmmaker, thanks to the confidence instilled within me, I have managed to create my own success which I can only hope grows as the time goes by.