“Weird is all I’ve got. That and my sweet style.”

– The IT Crowd, Series three, episode two. Channel four, 28 November 2008

Emily Barrett’s work embraces the audience’s mind through the use of sound, found objects and film. Combining these three sectors Barrett creates spaces that encapsulate the senses and harbours the spectator’s attention in order to create a meeting between them and her work, as each work and space has its very own personality; these personalities are inspired and moulded through person’s Barrett meets within her life or encounters through the media, rousing news articles and dark documentaries are where Barrett finds most of her initial ideas due to how they already have impact upon others. Insight into the physical works are that Barrett creates spaces which impact multiple senses and are fully accessible to all audience members with conscious planning of floorplans and sounds however still holding onto the story and characters she has created and formed. The reason for creating these personas and expanses is to teach an audience to never doubt the depth of the people around them, through making these works Barrett finds a deeper understanding of how individual people have layers and depth which she projects into her installations.