“Design is thinking made visual”

– Saul Bass

Doing a degree in graphic design and multimedia has really opened my eyes to my own potential as a creative and as a person. From the moment I had my first lecture 3 years ago I knew that I had made the right decision to pursue what I was truly passionate about. My style varies depending on the work I’m doing but I like my work to be clean and contemporary allowing it to be applied in a multitude of ways without being out of place.

I am multi-facetted in terms of my specialisms with experience and a passion for many areas of design which include web, motion and print design. I find motion design/ graphics to be the most interesting as it encompasses many areas of graphic design while allowing for a large amount of experimentation as well as this it is a relatively new area of study for me so it is fresh and intriguing.

From feedback of my work I’ve always been praised for designing with an eye for the little details that take a design from okay to being excellent. My greatest achievement was leading two 24-hour projects and creating final outcomes with my team which were hignhly praised for their originality and execution.