“All the lessons of invention come down to this: The best design tool is a long eraser with a pencil at one end.”

― Marty Neumeier

Three years ago, I wisely made the decision to venture off to University, to delay living in ’the real world’… Little did I know it was my first huge step into exactly that. Eventually I prepared myself to face challenges and balance my time between Graphic Design and fending for myself, and as a result I only turned two white woolly items pink – to my advantage my colour theory is much stronger now.

In terms of design style, I define myself as an illustrative, simplistic designer with a love for applying a minimalistic approach where appropriate. For two years also studied Illustration as a Joint Honours student, which enabled me to develop across two areas of the creative industry, meaning my experimentation skills are strong. An example of combining my skills can be seen in my children’s book cover re-design concept ‘Burglar Bill’.

Working part-time as a Graphic Designer for Worcester Students’ Union as well as remotely for the University has had a very strong impact on my skillset as a whole. I have learnt to work very quickly and efficiently while also leaving myself enough time to freelance and expand my client range and portfolio.