“The drive of what can I make next never goes away”

– Paula Scher

I’m a graphic designer with a strong background in art and design. I like to combine handrendered drawings with digital elements where appropriate. This can vary from painting, such as watercolour, to pen and pencil crayon. Over the course of my three years at the University of Worcester I have produced a varied portfolio of work due to the nature of the briefs and clients.

However, I have established a true passion for branding, the experimentation of both typography and imagery that represents a company’s core values and services. Alongside this, the University has rekindled an interest in photography which I aim to explore more in the future.

My favourite accomplishment was producing a winter edition of the magazine ‘Laurel Leaves’ for Edgbaston High School. The brief enabled me to combine my passion of graphic design and art to produce a selection of detailed hand rendered laurels that were incorporated within the magazine layout.