“The best way to get ahead is by helping those around you get ahead.”

– Martin Prihoda

Studying graphic design and multimedia has given me a new thirst for all kinds of visual expression, it has cultivated my creativity and lead me into valuable creative circles.

I have had the space and means to explore my ideas and the critique to refine them, thus every opportunity to produce my best work.

My work can be unconventional; recontextualising concepts and ideas, binding dynamic, highly contrasting pallets, etc. I have developed an experimental style that hopes to test the fundamentals of good design and feed the imagination.

I specialise in brand identity, understanding the balance of communication and how to convey the right tone of voice. Design for music is also a niche I am particularly passionate about, I find the relationship very inspiring.

Something I take pride in and feel has significantly progressed me as a designer is my contribution to the rebranding of the Worcestershire telecare company ‘Amica24’, something I look forward to continuing to work on after graduation.