“Designers shooting for usable is like a chef shooting for edible.”

– Aaron Walters

I consider myself to be a bit of a late developer in terms of my university experience being that I am significantly older than many of my peers. However, after working in catering for somewhat 9 years I wanted a change of pace and a chance to develop my interests in graphic design, which was a discipline that I instantaneously fell in love with.

I have a range of visual styles that I particularly like, ranging from flat design styles that have appeared in poster designs I did for the Centre of Alternative Technology, to bolder thick-lined work which appear in both Schralfs Ciders work and Bottle Hoppers Micro Bar designs.

I’ve explored many avenues in respect for branding – culminating in my events (work for the ‘Yes Chef’ food & drink designs). My biggest accomplishment has been Schralfs Ciders bottle designs where I wanted to pay homage to my years in catering with graphic design.

I previously worked part time for a product development firm and whilst I did not do so much graphic design, there were aspects of the job that have definitely benefitted my skillset here – such as coding and scripting.