“Designers actually can change the world for the better by making the complicated simple and finding beauty in truth”

– – Michael Bierut

Throughout my university experience my skills have grown significantly – Both in terms of my professional practice, (i.e. extending my knowledge of theoretical aspects of the industry; experimenting with new techniques; and increasing my level of ability with using digital software) and in my personal life. A lot of my personal projects apply quite a bold, abstract, geometric style; however, when producing freelance work for clients my ‘style’ somewhat varies, in order to meet the requirements of the brief and be in accordance with the project’s purpose.

As demonstrated in my portfolio I have created work for a range of design disciplines, however I have a particular passion for information graphics, as well as website design. My design work often employs traditional methods, such as paper-cutting, which is then refined further using digital software, however over the duration of this course, the repertoire of mediums that I now utilise has expanded considerably. Another recurring element that is apparent within my art work is the use of bright, vibrant colours.

Overall, I feel that during my university experience I have achieved quite a lot, however an accomplishment that I am particularly proud of is working on a live brief for the environmental organisation Friends of the Earth.