“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

– Steve Jobs

If I had to sum up in two words my whole experience, I would say university has been unique and challenging. It helped me not only to choose the right future career path, but it built my confidence and enriched my own creativity, providing me with new and different perspectives.

My portfolio is broad, I was fascinated by all media and it took me time to find my own visual style. I am drawn into detailed designs for screen-printing and dry point, but those modern mid-century illustrations which are embracing stripped down and organic clean lines are influencing my designs.

Motion graphics and photography are some of my other developed passions. When given the opportunity to move and dance around, the possibilities of the lines, shapes, illustrations become endless and I would love to discover and learn more about it. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques, combining traditional print with modern design. I want my designs to get out of anonymity and “make the people want to think” as Jill Howry has noted about the work of designers.