“Everybody knows the best bananas will ripe with time”

Eniko Lajtai

Deciding to study illustration at university was a rather spontaneous decision for me, but I am so happy that it turned out this way. I feel like during my time here at university I have been able to fully explore and experiment with numerous art styles and media that I have never had access for before – screen printing, dry point printing, working large scale (mural size!) and with life models.

I really enjoy working with different textures and prints, combing hand drawn patterns and drawings with digital editing and collage. I love working on editorial briefs and creating zines or small collections. I’m a fast-paced illustrator, so having tight deadlines is where I shine the most.

My favourite subject to illustrate are characters and I really enjoy working within the themes of fashion illustration. My favourite accomplishment at university is not particularly one artwork, but how working on all these different projects over the past three years built up a very strong and organised work ethic within me. I feel really grateful for having the opportunity to come into the studios every day and see my work develop and improve in such an inspiring and motivating environment.