“I don’t quite know what I am yet”

– Oliver Tate

Fleur Ward

I chose illustration back when I was in school, because despite having a passion for art and creation, I felt my work lacked purpose. Studying Illustration at university has helped to give me the tools to apply my work in any realm where communication with image is needed. One of the main areas that I specialise in is Editorial, the metaphorical and fast paced nature of working on editorial briefs suits me perfectly in comparison to working on narrative work.

Despite my enjoyment of Editorial work, I feel that my main specialism lies within process rather than outcome. Over the years of my degree I have found that I thrive more within production than when it comes to final artworks. My fascination with production has been at the forefront of my 3rd year work where I have strived to experiment and push processes to further my understanding, spanning from printmaking to digital processes. I loathe being bound to sketchbooks and endless development work, instead I choose to ‘think–through–making’.