“We were just like ‘Look, we’re
not trying to destroy the boys of America, we just want to make a good show.”

– Bruce Timm

George Rowland

From my first year at university, my drawing skills were self-taught and carried further by independent one-to-one drawing sessions in Bristol and in an adult creative arts club. Now with life drawing under my belt, confidence in my illustration skills has risen to new heights. With the encouragement of staff and my friends, university has motivated for me to bring out the best in my ambitions.

My very own drawing style is meant to be flexible enough to alternate between illustration and animation. So with it I could be drawing graphic novels, battle scenes and posters or even animating hand-drawn frames. Included in the folder is a collection of historical battle scenes drawn from a mix of tracing by lightbox and observation. The Civil War battle is one of the earlier drawing in this module, the armour painted in dark acrylics. For the rest including the Crusades and the Aztecs, brushpens and crayons were tried as a way to preserve the lining, as paint seemed

to obscure it too much. For a personal favourite, it would have to be a tie between the Photoshop- coloured drawing of the knights and the Crusade battle scene. In very different ways, both bring out the best in my experimentation in colour and perspective. Furthermore, there comes this feeling of accomplishment when bringing light to a historical event, as talked-about and socially relevant as the Crusades. But also the close-up and personal view of knights in a violent brawl was an eye-opening experience as to how I could bring to life the ferocity of medieval warfare.