“We each need to find our own inspiration. Sometimes it’s not easy.”

– Kiki’s Delivery Service


Henry Lam

University was an invaluable experience which gave me the opportunity to expand the horizons with my work, and has let me build on my own expression and personality as an illustrator. With the help and support from the lecturers on the Illustration course, I have become more confident in creating artwork, having learned many skill and techniques throughout the university experience.

Ever since joining the course, using digital methods to create work was always a go-to.
I learned much about the ways of using traditional media and combining it with digital methods. Currently, I enjoy working in a comic format – a more iconic style – because I like the flexibility in expressing characters when it comes to illustrating narratives. The colouring depends on the work but I usually apply cel shaded and subtle gradient colours.

I enjoy working with character the most is and using this to delve into narrative illustration. During university, I have had the opportunity to jump into a newfound ambition of writing and illustrating narratives from the experience of working on live briefs, and projects. This has left a myriad of options to consider for my future career, for which I am absolutely thankful for.