“Why own a TV when you can look at Luke’s work”

– Barbie 1965


Luke Tandy

Worcester University has offered me the chance to combine the two things I love most in life: Fine Art and Illustration. In my three years here, I have learnt so many new and brilliant techniques of how to make art other than using pencils or paint, such as printing, sculpture making, abstract painting, building stained glass windows, rubber stamp making.

Before coming to the university, I was fairly uncertain on what I truly wanted to do with
my art and where to take it. However, thanks to this course I have discovered that I specialise in history illustrations for both children and adults. To be more specific, I very much enjoy making illustrations of 20th century military history, which is both educational and interesting to look at. I make these by often mixing linework drawings with watercolour.

My favourite accomplishment from my time here has to be designing and creating illustrations for the popular children’s rhyme ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’, and illustrating Laurence Binyon’s ‘For the Fallen’, both done in watercolour and a mixture of fine liner and Indian ink.