“It’s better to burn out than fade away”

– Kurt Cobain

Max McMillan

The past three years of university have been the three toughest and most enjoyable of my life, all in the hopes of pursuing a degree to further myself and head in the direction of my dream career. I started out with a traditional approach towards illustration, but over time my outcomes have progressed towards a more digital/graphic orientated style of work. Printmaking has been extremely eye opening for me, I appreciate the more analogue method of creating and crafting of an art piece, linocut is my go to approach here as it gives a simple rustic quality to the print and the colours really jump off the paper once laid out in oil ink. I would like my career to head into a freelance and brand design oriented pathway after I graduate, the prospect of travelling around the world and experiencing all it has to offer is an attractive idea to any job and not utilising it would be a waste.

My favourite accomplishment of university would be selling my first print, it’s a small step on a large journey of my future career.